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The "ZED Bus" Contest Winner!

August 22, 2014

Don't worry, you didn't miss out on actually winning the Zed Bus, I'm not giving her away, that would be crazy!

But you might have missed out on attending the largest Social Media Camp in Canada, held this past weekend here in Victoria BC.  For us, this was the perfect opportunity to launch our ridiculously fun Hotel Zed. How does one launch a hotel at a conference? With a mascot of course. Hotel Zed’s own Zed Bus parked itself smack dab in the Victoria Conference Center on the second floor! By the end of the Camp, Zed Bus was a rockin'!

Hundreds of social media addicts and virgins alike either took a selfie or had their photo taken with the Zed Bus and tweeted about the #Zedbus to @thehotelzed in order to win a night at the new Hotel Zed in Victoria, and dinner for two at the wicked awesome Guild Freehouse restaurant plus rockstar shuttle service to and from their dinner in the Zed Bus itself.

By random draw the winner was Gillian Rowan from Victoria.

Of course this announcement caused tears and anguish from the non-winners and shrieks of joy from Gillian.  For all the wannabe winners out there, the good news is that we plan to hold many many more contests and in various mediums and formats: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe even a typewritten letter via the postal service?!

No matter what, let's stay in touch, eh?

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