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The Zed Sked

Anniversary’s And Date Nights

Anniversary’s And Date Nights

Nov 16, 2015 at 07:25 pm

In early October, Cody Thomas and Emily Jannings-Thomas celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary by driving from Portland, Oregon to Victoria, B.C.  It was a familiar trip, since the twenty-somethings had done it exactly one year before on their honeymoon. They had such a great time, the young couple couldn't wait to do it again. On both occasions, they booked a room at Hotel Zed.

"Cody was looking for places to stay online and he came across Hotel Zed," says Emily. "I was immediately drawn to its vintage style. I'm a total vintage nerd."  But it was the amenities and the people at Hotel Zed that brought them back on their anniversary.  "There's something about the beds at Hotel Zed," says Emily.

 "It inspired us. The day we got back from our honeymoon, that very night, we went to Sears to find the same bed."

"And the people there are so nice," says Cody. They even remembered us from last year. And even though we drove, we didn't use our car at all the whole time we were here."

The Zed Bus, a vintage Volkswagen van, gets Hotel Zed guests around in style. "It was never more than a couple minutes wait for a ride downtown," says Emily. "They'll even pick you up afterwards."

They enjoyed the restaurants and coffee shops (I met them at Habit Pandora, had drinks at Big Bad Johns, and caught a show at Copper Owl, did some shopping in vintage stores and even made a few purchases, after all, with American money they save about 25 per cent.

They even got to enjoy at Thanksgiving dinner and other Canadian delicacies like poutine and Tim Horton's ;)

Back at the hotel, they played some games in the ping pong lounge (which also features two wii stations) and took advantage of the free coffee in the lobby.

"We're big coffee people," says Emily. "There's great coffee and tea always at your disposal."

Unfortunately, Cody forgot his swim trunks, and didn't feel jeans was appropriate attire for the Zedinator water slide and pool, so he says he'll wait to test them out on their next vacation. After all, they've made lasting friendships in Victoria, and look forward to coming back to visit again soon.

"We never expected to come to a city and make friends," says Emily. "We'll definitely be back."

At Hotel Zed, we think date night should be anything but ordinary. That's why we're offering locals a chance to get in on the fun. Treat your lover to an extraordinary night you'll remember forever after a few trips down the Zedinator water slide and a soak in the hot tub under the stars. Play some ping pong, write each other love letters on our vintage typewriters, and have an epic wii sword-fight, if you dare.

Enter promo code "hotdate" when booking to receive the special $89 locals only rate (for a limited time only).

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