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The Zed Sked

The Zed Sked

Aunty Mandy's ZED Sked

Aunty Mandy's ZED Sked

Aug 15, 2014 at 03:42 pm

There's something special about being an aunt even though I've got kids the same age at home.  I would never let my kids have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast nor sploosh on extra maple syrup while letting them wash it down with lemonade?! Are you nuts? But Aunty Mandy allows it, and offers cookies for dessert after breakfast!

So the opportunity to take them and my kids to Hotel Zed in order to score some points in my quest to be the greatest aunt in their lives was extremely fortuitous and I think it did the trick nicely.

The kids eyeballs bulged upon walking into the lobby.  Where on earth should they start first?  The board games quickly grabbed their attention, but I managed to steer them away with one quick mention of a lava lamp which easily could have had them engrossed for hours. 
The typewriters were seen as completely mysterious and very baffling. Had we more time, Nana would be getting some postcards in the mail right about now, but alas, the call of that bubblegum pinky twisty waterslide (The Zedinator) was even too great for me.

First we had to check into our room to get our bathing suits on.  The bright colours of the rooms screamed "playground" to the kids who burst into the room with such ferocity you'd think it was Disneyland. 

They were suddenly stopped in their tracks by a Star Wars comic that unexpectedly greeted them on the coffee table.  They literally dropped everything and huddled around it for a solid 30 minutes while I put my feet up and relaxed with a glass of lovely white wine.  

Once we finally made it to the waterslide we were all giddy with anticipation and luckily these grandiose expectations were exceeded as the slide is fast, fun and really whips you around.  The 7 & 8 year olds were in their element.  The 4 year old was a little unsure, but loved the fact that the pool had a shallow end that she could stand up in, so all was good.

An hour and half later I was finally able to drag them out of there with promises of the Ping Pong Lounge.  The balls were a flying in that lounge.  I myself, was parked in a super comfy bean bag chair and had a little snooze.  Wow, bean bag chairs have evolved!  There was also two side by side Wii stations but luckily the kids didn't notice or we'd still be there today.

In any case, I'm booked back in for September.  This time it might just be for a romantic weekend with my husband and no kids! 

Mandy Farmer
President & CEO

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