The Zed Sked

The Urban Bicyclist's Radical Adventures in Victoria

Nothing beats the freedom of a bike for heading off the beaten path and making for some of the cosier and quirkier neighbourhoods around town, all while enjoying the ambiance of the journey.  Plus, Hotel Zed has free bikes for you to rent! Two measly little blocks away from Hotel Zed is Victoria's major bicycle artery, the Galloping Goo...

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Almost there

By Mandy Farmer Hotel Zed was a pipe dream in my head for so long and now that it's actually here it's a tad surreal.  A journalist asked me today, "Now that Zed is up and running, is it what you imagined?" No, not in the slightest.  It's so much more vibrant and interesting given the crazy collaboration of our...

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The Runners Guide to Victoria

By Mandy Farmer Without a doubt, the best jogging route in Victoria BC is along Dallas Road for sure.  This waterfront run is awesome in its spectacular beauty of the Olympic Mountains, the rocky beach, neighbouring Beacon Hill Park and just plain people watching.   Rain or shine, this is where you will see local Victorians gettin...

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The So-Not-Lame Family Weekend Guide to Victoria

8:00am                 Breakfast At Spoons Diner  Spoons is a great breakfast joint with a fun atmosphere and at this hour you'll miss the brunch line-up.  Stay tuned as Hotel Zed's breakfast joint will be opening up in a few months and then you'...

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The End of Ordinary

This is it, folks. You’ve found it. The end of ordinary. The whodunnit debunked. The elusive fountain of youth. That rebel in us who stayed out when we were called in. Those days aren’t over. Well, maybe they’re over where you are. But here on Douglas Street, they’re alive and well. In fact, they’re so alive and ...

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