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The Zed Sked

The Zed Sked

My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day

Jun 23, 2014 at 10:20 am

8:00am "The First Coffee"

My honey has stumbled down to the lobby to fetch us the first cup of awesome coffee for the day.  I am so glad it is not that crap that hotels usually serve.

8:30am "Lazy Start"

Sipping 2nd cup in person at the lobby.  I'm at the vinyl listening station, with my headphones on, perusing the hotel's record collection.  Honey is hammering out a ZED postcard on the typewritter to mail to the kids (Hey, this is my imaginary perfect day.... the kids are at the grandparents, though I swear they'd love this hotel... yeah next time we'll bring them).

8:45am "First Breakfast"

Is it Jam on Herald Street? Or Floyd's on Yates? Maybe Blue Fox on Fort? Naw, they'll be lined up by now. ReBar in Bastion Square, yup, Rebar it is.

10:00am "Downtown Farmer's Market"

Strolling around Bastion Square looking at all stalls at the market here in the summer.  Wow, those hammocks look great.  What a cool T-shirt shop, I love buying unique and funny T's as a souvenir.

11:00am "Second Breakfast"

A perfect day always has two. The smell coming out of Wanna Waffel  in Market Square is completely irresistible.  I will only have one but I'm not going to share it with you, Honey, so get your own.

Noon  "Boutique-ing along LoJo"

Lower Johnston Street is where it's at!  So many great local shops packed into a two block radius, then add in Government street and we are set!  If there's time we will hit the design district in Old town.

1pm. "Refreshment Break: The Guild"

Oh my good lord, how on earth am I going to pick from all these beers? Prayers are answered, they have a tasting rack, all is good.

2pm  "Mandatory Cultural Exploration"

Royal BC Museum: The life size replica Old town is soooo cool!  My kids aren't even here and I'm excited about it.

3pm  "Exercise break"

Bike ride around Beacon Hill Park, ohhh, it feels good to get off my feet and have the breeze in my face.  And then to lie down in the grass surrounded by flowers and hear water trickling by? Can we stay here forever?

5pm  "Nibbles"

Man, that nap made me hungry!  Did we miss lunch?  I think so.  Perfect timing for some tapa's at the Tapa's Bar so that we can stretch this eating thing out.   And then let's head to my favorite downtown pub the Garrick's head.

10pm "The End"

I'm getting sleepy now, can we go back to the hotel? No? What do you mean we need to really live large because the kids aren't here? Ok, I can be convinced to go dancing.  Or what about some live music? Now we are talking! Strathcona Hotel will have something for us no matter if our mood changes.  And then let's stay up late to watch some more Breaking Bad on netflicks on that 42" TV in our room.

What a perfect day.

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