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The Zed Sked

The Zed Sked

Play your cards right with The Nooner!

Play your cards right with The Nooner!

Jan 31, 2019 at 09:38 am

So here’s the deal, we're giving you the ideal venue to savour your lunch hour like never before. Our game-winning strategy? Book an extended lunch break on Valentine's Day at either of our Hotel Zed properties and you'll find yourself in a royal flush.

Back for a return encounter, our affectionately named 'Nooner Package' gives you and your special someone three hours of bliss over lunch hour, including all this:

  • An eclectic room to set the mood from 11am – 2pm for $69
  • Four sexy card games (eg. Spankin’ Royals, Flip ‘n Strip etc.). BONUS: Download them for free here & get some practice in!
  • Heart-pounding, blood-pumping fun

Prepare to get your game on with our four sexy card games and a super funky deck of unique, custom Hotel Zed playing cards. Besides being fun, these games will get you in the mood to trump your king or queen and raise the stakes into a grand slam of patience. Okay, enough with the puns – sorry we just couldn’t resist.

Need a little chill factor to slow the pace and get tuned into each other? You needn't go far. Every room and every part of our hotel offers a super cool retro feel. Hang out in the lobby with vinyl records to set the mood, write steamy notes on our typewriters or play some ping pong or Wii to bridge (we had to) that anticipation. 

Our Victoria Hotel Zed offers access to an indoor pool, Zedinator waterslide and hot tub, free bike rentals to access the nearby Galloping Goose Regional Trail, and pick up and drop off service in the ’67 VW shuttle bus. Require sustenance to fuel the burning fire? Grab a bite at our on-site restaurant, the Ruby, specializing in rotisserie chicken and brunch.

“We thrive on ensuring every guest experience at a Hotel Zed fulfils an inner desire to be free-spirited and fun-loving,” says our Love Doctor and CEO, Mandy Farmer. " Our 'Nooner Package' is one way to satisfy those cravings and give guests an inside track to the playful individual they long to be."

From the moment you see our signature bright pink, tangerine and aqua blue exteriors, it's only natural to find yourself way outside your comfort zone and ready to explore new boundaries. Wanting to get in touch with your inner child? Free comic books and yo-yos in every room gets the juices flowing for anyone.

Granted, some of us need time to ease into things. Our Kelowna location offers a mini disco to get your heart racing, or, take a mood-setting lakeside stroll, with all the restaurants and nightlife of Kelowna just a block away. But eventually all roads lead to Hotel Zed, the ideal place to unleash your adventurous soul and yes, bring the meaning of 'lunch hour' to a whole new level.

Enquire about booking your Valentine's 'Nooner package' today here or book now using promo code NOONER and shuffle (get it) your day with a heart (last one). 


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