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The Zed Sked

The Zed Sked

The End of Ordinary

The End of Ordinary

May 1, 2014 at 10:13 am

This is it, folks. You’ve found it. The end of ordinary.

The whodunnit debunked. The elusive fountain of youth. That rebel in us who stayed out when we were called in. Those days aren’t over. Well, maybe they’re over where you are. But here on Douglas Street, they’re alive and well.

In fact, they’re so alive and well there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything fun and eclectic we’ve got on tap:

  • '67 VW shuttle
  • a Typewriter station
  • Vinyl listening station
  • Pool & waterslide
  • Ping pong lounge
  • Media hubs in-room (allows you to share your device on the 40 inch TV)
  • Great free Wi-Fi
  • Comic Books in the bathrooms
  • Free local calls on a rotary dial phone
  • Parking is always free at Hotel Zed

But you have to start somewhere. We think that somewhere is definitely here. Rooms are now ready to rock your world.

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Vancouver may now have TED, but only our beloved Victoria has ZED.

We are rebels against the ordinary,


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