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The Runners Guide to Victoria

The Runners Guide to Victoria

May 16, 2014 at 04:34 pm

By Mandy Farmer

Without a doubt, the best jogging route in Victoria BC is along Dallas Road for sure.  This waterfront run is awesome in its spectacular beauty of the Olympic Mountains, the rocky beach, neighbouring Beacon Hill Park and just plain people watching.   Rain or shine, this is where you will see local Victorians getting out for a casual stroll or some serious exercise on this marked and paved path.

It's best to start at Clover Point and follow the marked kilometres along for your desired distance.  A great 7km run is to follow the path all the way to the breakwater for an exhilarating experience of being right out on the ocean.  If you want to elongate the run even further, head into neighbouring Beacon Hill Park for numerous trails, gardens, lakes and gorgeous parkland.

Another awesome scenic running route in Victoria is along Willows Beach (lots of bikini's and board shorts) then to neighbouring Cattle Point (great vistas of Mt. Baker and sailboats) and finally to adjacent Uplands Park (super cool Gary Oak Preserve).

If you are looking for a run directly from Hotel ZED, your best bet is to run along the nearby stunning Galloping Goose trail in either direction, though I highly recommend heading towards town as jogging across the Selkirk Trestle is extremely worthwhile.

Personally, I'm a bit more a trail runner and love getting out into the woods.  My favorites that aren't too far away are Mt. Doug (great views from the top), Thetis Lake (circumnavigate the picturesque lake) and Elk & Beaver lakes.

Last stop, the hot tub, sauna and pool to rest those weary legs.

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