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The Ultimate Victoria Pub Crawl

The Ultimate Victoria Pub Crawl

May 5, 2015 at 03:37 pm

Of course, any pub crawl can be mixed and matched to your own liking, but here's what I would do, and as a rare 3rd generation Victorian and local beer aficionado, I know my stuff. 

While you are waiting for partners in crime to get ready, get a jump start by heading to Zed’s very own Ruby Diner for an amazing local craft beer on tap, plus a super tasty happy hour menu (the duck confit is fab), and their kickass vinyl only music program.

Get the Zed bus to take you downtown to the gorgeous sunny waterfront patio of Canoe Club who makes their own beer onsite and they've definitely got some winners.  If it's cloudy or a miserable day I'd head to nearby Swans to enjoy the local art, brick walls, large beams and their very own craft brews.  

Seeing as how with either choice you are right on the water, I'd then catch one of the cute little harbour ferries for a quick jaunt over to Spinnaker's, one of Victoria's first microbreweries.  In fact, this was one of the first microbreweries in North America.  Yes, it all began here! Head upstairs for the pub, or have a lovely lunch or dinner on the veranda.  The beer and food here rocks.

Now if you are a rebel at heart and want to get off the beaten path plus see where the local microbrewery action is really happening, I'd take a cab to Victoria's truest beer bar, Moon Under Water.  It's about 5 minutes away from Spinnakers and at first you'll wonder why on earth am I sending you to this weird little strip mall, but just trust you are in good hands and enjoy this very local experience.

Or if you would prefer, head straight back to downtown (again just a short 5 minute cab away or straight back on the Harbour ferry) to explore the numerous pub and tavern options.  My current favorites are The Guild at the bottom of Yates Street which has a beautiful old bar in a cool old building, and the Garrick's Head in Bastion Square, which to me has a real Portland feel to it and is packed full of locals.  Both have enormous selections of great beer and ambiance.

If you are still standing, my pub crawl would probably finish at the Sticky Wicket given is plethora of choices: a night club downstairs, Big Bad John's (a crazy place with peanuts on the floor and weird things hanging from to the ceiling... I dare you), to the sports bar and volleyball on the roof.

Thank God for cabs and the Hotel Zed VW shuttle bus, because you probably need it by now. 

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