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Your guide to The Best Weekend Ever: Rifflandia 2017

Your guide to The Best Weekend Ever: Rifflandia 2017

Sep 8, 2017 at 11:51 pm

In its decade-long run, Rifflandia Music Festival has grown into a BC institution, attracting some major talent and turning the province’s capital into a city-wide party! We’ve got a few tips for first-timers and seasoned veterans alike that'll make Riff the best weekend ever. Or at least until next year!

1. Fall in love with a new band early

Making yourself a Spotify playlist of the artists you aren’t familiar with is a great way to get amped for the fest AND get a handle on which acts you don’t want to miss. This way, you’ll know which night shows you want to hit up and which performances you can skip to get your food truck dinner!​

2. Pre-Game

The first act doesn’t play until 3pm on Friday and 1pm Saturday and Sunday at Royal Athletic Park.  Take the morning to enjoy the city, go for a swim (hello, Zedinator!)  and get ready for a good time. We recommend brunch at The Ruby before making your way to the park. Brunch is the best party-fuel.​

3. Check out Wristband Connect and Winlandia!

Grab a copy of the Rifflandia program to find a list of local retailers and restaurants that give you discounts just for wearing your wristband. There are also lots of awesome prizes being given away across the city as part of Winlandia. Get your wristband early and take advantage!​

4. Plan your look

Whether you want to be festival-chic or you’re just stoked to wear your banana suit again, we have a few pointers to help you pick out your Rifflandia look. Remember that September in Victoria can bring rain and shine, often in the same day, so layers are a good choice. Another harsh reality is that you will be using a portapotty while at the park, and you may want to dress accordingly. We’re not saying it’s impossible to navigate a one-piece romper in a portapotty, but it’s definitely a challenge!

5. Pack wisely

Nobody wants to be lugging around a heavy pack at a festival, but bringing a few extra bits and bobs might make you happier. Earplugs, sunscreen, an empty water bottle, a hat, and a poncho or light rain jacket are highly recommended. Save yourself the stress of a dying phone and bring a portable charging device. You’ll want to be able to check out which venues are at capacity and where the pop-up performances are on Twitter!

If you’re going to Rifflandia, you’re in for a blast. Remember to be safe, have fun, and post everything on Instagram so you can make your friends jealous! 

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