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The Think Tank

Why have a boring meeting in an uninspiring beige room when you can innovate and ameliorate in our Ping Pong Lounge?!

Book your think tank, brainstorm, focus group, off-site, corporate retreat or whatever-you-want-to-call-it and bring up to 8 of your team to create, dream, bond, laugh, in our invigorating and inspiring Ping Pong Lounge. 

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The Think Tank includes:

  • Private Ping Pong Lounge rental (available to book October thru April)
  • Unlimited access to really really good  free coffee or tea all day. Yes, all day and free and really really good!!
  • Free parking! 
  • White boards, flip chart, digital projector and lots of bright colours included
  • Access to connect to numerous wall mounted TV’s and surround sound, plus great free Wi-Fi
  • Ping Pong tables and two back-to-back Wii stations (perfect for tournaments)
  • Memorable Polaroid picture of your team taken by our staff


Extra features available to reserve in advance:

  • 8 free bike rentals, ideal to get the blood pumping on the nearby Galloping Goose Trail.
  • Vintage VW shuttle bus pick-up (seats 7) from your Victoria area office, Harbour Air, or to any downtown hot spot.
  • Discount group rates on accommodations so you can take advantage of the hot tub, Zedinator waterslide and pool.
  • The Ruby restaurant, so yummy, is available for catering

Ping Pong Lounge rental:

8 hour day rate $200
 4 hours (evening only) $150
*taxes not included
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