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Pet Friendly

OK, everyone brings their wife or husband, children and even perhaps their mother in-law on vacation but wait, aren’t you forgetting someone?

Here’s your chance to be rebellious and bring your four legged, furry, always loving pet along for the trip.

They can often make it more fun.

At Hotel Zed we encourage a laid back vibe- so why not welcome Fido or Fifi in your room. That’s why we have designated dog friendly, cat friendly hotel rooms.

Just make sure you reserve ahead, as they are in demand!

  • Pets in designated pet rooms only
  • $20.00 daily fee charged for additional cleaning to a maximum of $45 a week
  • Pets not to be left alone in the room
  • Dogs must be on leashes when outside the room (Hey, nobody’s perfect)
  • Owner is responsible for noise and damage

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