Summer is sizzling by, but there’s still plenty of time to squeeze out every last drop of sunshine and adventure. At Hotel Zed Kelowna, we believe in embracing the funky, the unconventional, and the unforgettable. So, before the warmth of summer fades away, let’s dive into a whirlwind of funky and fun activities that’ll make your days shine brighter and your memories last longer.

1. Retro Bike Cruisin’

Hop on one of our iconic retro bikes and cruise along the scenic Okanagan Rail Trail. With breathtaking lake views and fresh air in your hair, you’ll feel like a character in a vintage postcard

2. Picnic & Plunge

Pack a picnic basket with local treats, then head to City Park Beach. Enjoy your feast and, when the sun gets too tempting, take a refreshing plunge in the turquoise waters of Okanagan Lake.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf

Challenge your friends and family to an evening of glow-in-the-dark mini golf at Scandia Golf & Games. Putt through neon landscapes and take a swing at the funky obstacles.

4. Artistic Escape

Join a guided painting class at one of Kelowna’s local art studios. Unleash your inner artist and create a masterpiece to remember your summer adventures by.

5. Vineyard Vibes

Indulge in some local flair by embarking on a wine tour through Kelowna’s renowned vineyards. Sip, swirl, and savor the flavors while grooving to live music at some of the tasting rooms.

6. Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga

Balance your mind, body, and soul with a unique experience: stand-up paddleboard yoga on the calm waters of Okanagan Lake. It’s a challenge that brings a whole new level of zen. Keep the vibes going back at Hotel Zed Kelowna with our awesome hot tub and sauna!


7. Retro Rooftop Movie Nights

Pack up your laptop with your Netflix and head to the the Hotel Zed Kelowna rooftop for a throwback movie night under the stars. Grab your popcorn, settle into a cozy deck chair, and relish the magic of cinema classics. We even have a rooftop BBQ you can use to grill up some tasty eats if you’re feeling like a dinner-and-a-movie kinda night.

8. Farm-to-Table Foodie Adventure

Explore the Kelowna Farmer’s Market for fresh, local produce, and artisanal goodies. Then, whip up a gourmet feast in your Hotel Zed kitchenette, enjoying a taste of the Okanagan’s finest.

9. Make a Splash

Our outdoor pool is only open during the summer season, so now’s your chance to inflate those floaties and enjoy the last pool days for the year!

10. Festival Frenzy

Check out Kelowna’s vibrant summer festivals and events before they bid adieu. From music and food festivals to arts and culture celebrations, there’s no shortage of funkiness in the air.

Summer’s fleeting moments are calling, and there’s no better way to bid it farewell than by embracing the funky and fun side of life. From lakeside picnics to glow-in-the-dark mini golf, Hotel Zed Kelowna has your summer adventure checklist covered. So, pack your enthusiasm, your sense of adventure, and a dash of retro flair, and let’s make these last days of summer truly unforgettable!