Who’s Zed anyway?

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We are rebels against the ordinary.

We thrive on rebellion, we celebrate the unordinary and we are obsessed with combining a retro aesthetic with modern comfort. Our hotels are the antidote to boring travel, with amenities and services you had no idea you were missing, but now you can’t live without. We zig when others zag.

We want you to have fun when you stay at Hotel Zed. It’s more important to us that you create awesome memories than awesome social media content, but rest assured, you can definitely do both here. 

Hotel Zed is filled with love.

We welcome all rebels with open arms. We love our team and we love our property and we want you to feel the love, too.

Hotel Zed is part of the same BC-based, family-owned business as Accent Inns. We like to think our hotels are cousins. Our CEO, Mandy Farmer created Hotel Zed because of her natural desire to constantly rebel against the ordinary.

Where are you headed, friend?