It’s official: that vacation you’ve been looking forward to for so long has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Well, we prefer the term “postponed.” Maybe you were set to head on your dream adventure abroad, or you were planning on making our retro-groovy Zedstream trailer your home base for exploring all of Victoria’s hidden gems. And breweries. Don’t worry! You can rebook when it’s safer! But, what are you gonna do now?

Honestly, there’s really no reason why you can’t be having fun at home. At Hotel Zed, we’re rebels against the ordinary, so when you’ve burned through your social-distancing snack stash and feel like you’ve watched everything that Netflix possibly has to offer, we’ve got your back with some creative and unordinary ways to spend your time while you’re laying low.


  1. Lions, sea otters and bears—oh my! Many institutions like the San Diego Zoo or the Vancouver Aquarium are closed to the public, but they’re still caring for their critters every day! They’ve got livestreams set up so you can watch different animals in action from the comfort of your sofa.  Need more variety? has a massive library of live animal cams, from sheep barns to living room puppies. We dare you to not have fun watching a litter of puppies wake up from a nap!
  2. Geek out with Sir Patrick Stewart. We couldn’t have dreamt it up ourselves, but it seems that everyone’s favourite captain is reading a “Sonnet a Day” live on his Twitter feed. I mean, how can you possibly resist?

  3. Get board! Board game nights are officially off the tabletop as we all learn how to socially distance ourselves. But don’t let your social skills and boardgame strategy get rusty! You can play lots of fun games online for free with your friends from the safety of your own living rooms. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sharing your snacks!

  4. No need to drag yourself off your couch. But you can watch some fabulous, BC-based drag queens entertain you from their couch! Joan-E and Carlotta Gurl are going to be doing a Facebook Live show weekly and they’re calling it Quarantinily Yours: Two Queens – 1 Couch – All the Crazy! Honestly, were your Saturday nights even this awesome when you could go out on the town?
  5. Get drunk? It’s always an option. Have a house party for one, or two (your cat counts as one) or however many people you live with. You can open it up and video-chat with your friends and family too! If you want to go full-on house party, pick a theme and invite your “guests” to call in with their costume on. Why not? (PS—if you’re low on supplies, lots of BC breweries are delivering!)

Seriously, though. We know that this pandemic has been hard on everyone in terms of health, stress, finances & mental health. We know that our community can come together and overcome this, and if there is anything that Hotel Zed can do to help our neighbours & friends, please let us know. Take care of each other—and wash your dang hands!