In the summer, Tofino is just so perfect. The vibes are immaculate, and you’d think nothing could make it better – which is why we hope ROAR is in your itinerary.

We’re making YOTO (You’re Only In Tofino Once) a thing. Picture this: it’s Saturday morning and the Tofino sun is shining. You may be feeling a little groggy from your one (or three) too many cocktails last night – but hey! No judgment here. You’re in Tofino, so you can’t waste the day away, and how better than to start it with brunch at ROAR?! With options for every eater, you can defeat that hangover with our famous eggs benny or grilled avo toast.

We also have a breakfast cocktail menu with mimosas, Caesars, and The Shaft – a shooter consisting of vodka, Irish cream, coffee liqueur and cold-brewed coffee consumed with a straw. Just in case that sounds good to you…

Brunch is over, you’re feeling good and you grab a treat and coffee at ROAR Coffee & Shop to power yourself through your big day.  ROAR Coffee & Shop is a hidden gem in Tofino. Toficians and visitors alike are encouraged to enjoy their pastries, wraps or sammies in any of the public areas of Hotel Zed. Curl up with a cozy drink in the sunken living room, dance off your caffeine buzz in the mini disco or even hang out in the all ages playground. Just a few minutes away from world-famous Chesterman Beach, we are an area of refuge for surfers coming off their waves. recently described us as “If Sean Connery’s James Bond designed a ski resort lodge, this would be it, complete with a massive conversation pit and freestanding circular fires.”

After taking your afternoon nap, you’re getting ready for your dinner. Everything at ROAR is cooked over a live fire (think of us as where the “roar” of the waves meets the “roar” of the fire – get it?). What this means is that there is a twist to everything on our menu. Instead of just a roast chicken, we like to suspend ours in an iron cage over the fire.

You start your dinner with one of our delicious cocktails. We would recommend… all of them! YOTO (You’re Only in Tofino Once) right?! Just kidding, we’re sure you’ll be back after this meal. Our bar manager, Carl Hamilton, was the head bartender at the Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne and ran a 50-seat tiki bar in Hanoi, Vietnam with his wife. So, you can bet our menu is fire.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, we have a solid list of draft beers or wines. Not to mention our many zero-proof options are so unique you’ll never taste anything like them!

After your fantastic day, treat yourself to a variety of our flavoursome desserts. Whether you pick churros or cheesecake – we promise every sweet tooth will benefit from our menu.

It’s important for us here at Hotel Zed and ROAR that we (and our visitors) understand the history of the beautiful land we enjoy. We acknowledge that ROAR is on the unceded ancestral territory of the Tla-o-qui-aht Nation and one percent of all our guest bills goes towards the Tribal Parks Allies Program. We were the first partner in this alliance and worked alongside local writers to capture the story of the land in a book called ?iisaak in the Garden (Respect in the Garden) which is free for all guests.

We’re so proud of ROAR at Hotel Zed Tofino, and we would love to share it with you. There’s nothing like it and we promise it’ll score you big points on your Instagram story.