We’ve done it again! We love to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day with the Hotel Zed Nooner. This year, you could be getting lucky on Valentine’s Day 2020 and for the next 18 years!

It’s the start of a brand new decade, and it’s time to shake things up. Rebel against the same boring dinner-and-a-card & treat your Valentine to what they really want: time with you. In a hotel room. We’ll let you figure out the rest of the plan. That’s what our ever-popular Nooner package is all about, and it’s back again this year with a twist! Hint: now it’s called the Nooner Baby Maker!

What is a Nooner package exactly? It’s our spicy, four-hour Valentine’s Day special rewarding bedroom-active couples.Check-in from 10am until 2pm on February 14th for some, ahem, quality time with your special someone. Or, if an overnight is in the cards, take advantage of the Nooner overnight instead. After all, Valentine’s day is on a Friday this year.

To add more heat to the already perfect Valentine’s Day gift, if you and your partner welcome a baby into the family nine months after a Nooner Baby Maker check-in, you will receive a free stay every Valentine’s Day for the next 18 years at any Hotel Zed location.

The package is good for all our hotels (Victoria, Kelowna, and soon our Tofino hotel). We welcome all of our guests to participate in the Nooner Baby Maker regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. At Hotel Zed, we think that all love is beautiful and that’s what we’re here to celebrate!

We bet that no other Kelowna hotel or Victoria hotel has ever seen a Valentine’s Day special like this before. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day was made for getting lucky and we think you’ll agree that the real fun happens behind closed doors, not with stale chocolates and overpriced roses.

Between our Victoria hotel, Kelowna hotel, and soon our Tofino hotel, we will hopefully get to welcome you at each of them on Valentine’s Day over the next 18 years! And with so many groovy room styles to choose from, you just might get to see them all. Heck, you could try a new activity each year as well. Surf V-day 2021 in Tofino, ski V-day 2022 at Big White near Kelowna, and discover Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf in 2023–or don’t leave the room at all. Whatever you need to do!

So how does it work? Well, we know that the stork can arrive in any number of ways. As long as a new child has been welcomed into the family nine months after a Valentine’s Day 2020 check-in, you can count on 18 more years of getting lucky at our Kelowna hotel, Victoria hotel, or our new Tofino hotel (opening summer 2020) for a free stay on February 14 on us. For eighteen years!

Four-hour Nooner packages (10am until 2pm on February 14) are $59 and can be booked by using promo code NOONER! Wanna extend the romance? Overnight stays start from as low as $89 in Kelowna and $129 in Victoria! Book using NOONTONIGHT.

Nail Valentine’s Day this year by clicking the BOOK NOW button at the top of the page and reserving your Nooner. And let the romance begin!

Terms and conditions apply. Nooner packages available while supplies last. Four hour Nooner booking is for 10 am until 2 pm. Couples must submit documentation with dates to receive the Nooner Baby Maker prize. If eligible for the prize, the guest will receive a free night at any Hotel Zed hotel on February 14 each year until 2038.