Great news: you don’t have to travel long distances to have an awesome getaway. If you’ve never done a staycation, Hotel Zed has hotels in Victoria or Kelowna to fill the bill. Our ridiculously fun hotels are near all the action and also have enough inside their four walls to keep you hopping. So, what IS so great about a staycation here?

1. No transportation costs. The part of travel we all hate most:  where you actually have to pay for getting there and getting around. Ugh. Waiting around at the airport, cramped seats, cab fares… they’re kind of a killjoy. On a staycay, you only pay for the gas in your car, and it won’t be much because we’re right in town! There’s also the cost of your time. The hours spent getting to and from a faraway destination can never be recaptured. But a Hotel Zed Staycay starts usually within a half hour or less after you leave home (depending on where you live).

2No schedule. No flight to catch in the wee hours of the morning. No pre-arranged tours to book. We’re talking sleep-ins, baby. Sure, you can lounge around at home, but here there is no laundry or real life to tend to. Plus, our beds are oh-so-comfy.

3. Bring your pet. Fido or Sylvester will be so happy to come with. Hotel Zed is a pet friendly hotel which means your fur-baby can come along when you stay in a designated pet friendly room. That also means you won’t have to return home to a retaliatory mess from your lonely beast, or pay for a pet sitter.

4. Unwind with comic books. Who puts comic books in their guestrooms? Like really? Well, we do! More faves await in the well-stocked lobby too. Sometimes, escaping into the land of superheroes is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be transported from your funky hotel room in Kelowna or Victoria to the hard streets of Gotham, bustling crowds of Metropolis or the futuristic utopia of Wakanda!

5. Play unlimited ping pong.  Hit the ping-pong lounge and play your heart out in the retro-chic space. Maybe even stage a tourney–loser buys dinner? If ping pong isn’t your thing, don’t worry about it! We’ve got retro video games & vintage board games to play as well! Or, if you’re in our Kelowna hotel, dance it out in our mini-disco!

We could go on. But a staycation at Hotel Zed gives you a chance to feel like you’re vacationing elsewhere without all the hassles, cost and language barriers. And with a whole lot of energy and charisma. Plus, our Victoria and Okanagan hotels are just so radically different and ridiculously fun, we’re pretty sure any other hotel chain will pale in comparison.

Hotel Zed is hard at work currently building a Tofino hotel. All Hotel Zeds promise the fun factor times 10, and most have similar amenities. Whether you rebels are getting away for a night or a week, you’ll find your happy place either at our Victoria or downtown Kelowna hotel locations pretty easily. How could you not, when you’re in the most upbeat, colourful pad, ever? Bonus: you won’t have to eat those stale cookie packs the flight attendants hand out while you’re crammed into the middle seat of a sold-out airplane, with turbulence that makes you scared for your life. Book your staycation today!