So, you’re in Tofino. You’ve gone hiking, you’ve tried surfing and you’ve been to Roar – one of the best restaurants in Tofino (we’re biased).

Listen, we know there’s lots to do in Tofino and you need to get going to cross off certain bucket-list items on your list. Enter Beachside Provisions, our all-in-one stop to maximize your surfing, hiking, and exploring time while you’re in Tofino.

Stocked with coffee and tea to-go, lunch offerings at Beachside Provisions range from delicious salads, wraps and sandwiches. We’ll also have fresh seafood like oysters and crab, depending on the catch of the day. For a treat, you can also grab fresh doughnuts and baked goods made in-house with your coffee. You deserve it.

It’s not just fresh eats, though!  Forgot a bottle opener? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a bottle of wine for your new bottle opener? We’ve got that too. Did you promise your colleagues that you would bring some local goodies back? There’s an assortment to choose from:  handmade Ouest Chocolates, Louis Pasture pork crisps and custom-made for Roar Hobbiest candles! Or, grab some Roar or Hotel Zed swag to treasure your vacation forever.

We swear that Beachside Provisions will have everything for those beachside adventures during your stay, but also everything you’ll need to remember Tofino after you’ve returned home.

Here are some of our top picks from Beachside Provisions to go with the memories:

The experience you want to remember: Beachside coffee after a sunrise surf sesh

If there’s just one thing that keeps people returning to Tofino, it’s the world-class surfing — and catching waves is even more magical in the morning. Hot coffee and incredible ocean views? Yup, that experience is bliss. Stop by the coffee bar and fuel up on doughnuts and pastries made in-house before heading to the surf.

How Beachside Provisions can help: Fresh coffee and baked goods

All our pastries are made in-house. That means it’s fresh for you to grab and go when you need it.

The experience you want to remember: Spending more time outside than inside

Time in Tofino means spending as much time in the rainforest or beach as possible to soak up all that West Coast nature. Whether you’re a pro surfer, a mountain biker, or a beachside walker, Beachside Provisions can fuel your adventures. With some of the tastiest seafood on the West Coast, we’re making it easy for Hotel Zed rebels eager to head out the door to their adventures.

How Beachside Provisions can help: Lunch on-the-go from our rotating menu of goodies. Fresh seafood is also available for guests to take away, with the offerings dependent on the season.

The experience you want to remember: Relaxing walks along Chesterman Beach

How many glorious hours did you spend wandering the stretch of white sand, exploring wildlife in the tide pools and soaking in those views of the endless ocean? A lot, probably.

How Beachside Provisions can help: Candles by The Hobbyist.

You know that West Coast smell that hits you as soon as you step out of your car after the drive? That’s right, you can take that home. Burn these candles and expect scents of the sea, the rainforest and general fun, beachy times. The Hobbyist has created two custom-scented soy candles to remind guests of their time at Hotel Zed. If the smells of nature don’t do it for you, The Hobbyiest has also created another candle that smells of fresh bread.

The experience you want to remember: All the good times you had at Hotel Zed

When you’re back at home, you’ll want to remember it all. The bird sanctuary, biking through the lobby the psychic’s den, and all the good eats and company at Roar.

How Beachside Provisions can help: Custom Hotel Zed mug

We wish we could keep the good times rolling for every Rebel that comes through our doors, but until your next check-in date, it’ll have to do.