Victoria front desk rebel Carmen has created an epic bike route that guests can use to explore some of Victoria’s hidden gems! Enjoy, rebels.

What could be more “Victoria” than a day of biking, food and cider? Once you’ve taken our vintage shuttle to see all of the regular downtown attractions, it’s time to take exploration into your own hands with our wicked fleet of black and gold free guest bikes. Spend the perfect afternoon exploring the city’s hidden gems as you cycle to a quaint and beloved rural cider house!

The best part about renting a Hotel Zed bike is that we are moments away from Victoria’s most popular bike trail that can get you almost anywhere you need to go. Known simply as “The Goose”, this trail system was built on an old rail road, so not only is it away from traffic but it’s also mostly flat! When you take the trail north it turns into the Lochside trail which is riddled with hidden parks of all sizes and can get you almost anywhere without riding on the road. (Fellow history buffs can nerd out on the trail history here!)

Sea Cider is just over 20km away but with the new cruiser bikes and our insider itinerary, you’re going to have the best day ever getting there—and back! Once you’re on the trail, there are signs at every intersection to make sure that nobody gets lost so stay on it and keep heading north! Don’t forget to take plenty of breaks like at Blenkinsop Lake, a bird sanctuary with tons of local wildlife. Don’t forget to grab a silly photo on the bridge with beloved statue Roy…he loves dressing up!

As you continue, the trail will turn into a small road called Lochside drive where you can see a few smaller farms and wave to the animals.  Insider tip, if you see a cookie stand at the start of this road; load up because they are amazing. You’re burning calories!

Our next stop on this tour is Mattick’s farm with its collection of shops, places to eat and much more.  Adrienne’s Restaurant and Tea garden is the perfect spot to relax and pick up a snack or ice-cream to enjoy outside like we did, or head to Red Barn Market for a sandwich with their famous bacon. If this feels like enough of a bike ride for you, there’s even mini golf and a spa for fun or relaxing before turning around. Did you know that Hotel Zed’s new bikes have removable baskets, perfect for storing any impulse purchases!

Use this stop to fuel up before you continue along a mixture of rural roads and gravel trail that parallels the highway. Along the way (or on your way back if you’re still full from the last stop) don’t forget to check out Harvest Rd. at Mitchell’s farm, a farm to table food truck with outdoor seating that is perfect for lunch, just make sure to get there early, they usually close around 3.

Now it’s time for the final sprint of the journey that makes this long bike ride worth it. Get this, Free Cider!

When you get to Mt. Newton Cross road, walk your bike over the pedestrian overpass and follow it along before you turn right on to Central Saanich road. From here you are just one more turn on Mt. St. Michael Rd to the best cider house in Victoria. Once you arrive, mention that you biked here. You’re not just bragging—Sea Cider generously offers a free sample to cyclists! You can relax in their rustic farmhouse or out on the patio, working your way through a delicious cider flight while enjoying a beautiful view of the orchard, the ocean and James Island. Don’t forget to grab a couple bottles of your favorites before you go! (I am partial to Wolf in the Woods and Rumrunner)

If on the off chance you’re tuckered out from the bike ride or you’ve overindulged on cider, you can always take Mt. Newton Cross road west to East Saanich road and put you bike the bus’ bike racks. The 72 route will conveniently drop you off a half block away from Hotel Zed!