If we seem a little extra stoked over here, it’s because we’re celebrating a big honour! Hotel Zed has just been named one of the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures by Waterstone Human Capital. The award recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for having awesome workplace cultures—something we’re super duper proud of!

At Hotel Zed, ROAR and our cousin hotels Accent Inns our number one business metric is the happiness of our staff, who we call our Fam-Jam. What could possibly be more important?! We regularly survey our team on their happiness levels. In Spring 2023, 94% of our staff were happy to be working here!  How does a hospitality company have such happy employees? Great question. Do you mind if we take a few minutes to show off our amazing team and the culture they’ve created?!

Our admirable culture that leans heavily on our core values and leading with love.

What does leading with love look like for employees at Hotel Zed and ROAR? It means that our corporate core values are not just a poster on the wall of a dusty staff room: we truly live them every single day. They are on a poster, too, for the record. (But our staff rooms are NOT dusty!) We are dedicated to ensuring people can 1) be real, 2) have fun, 3) be empowered to make everything better and 4) have each other’s backs. What’s really awesome is that when we take care of our teams, they in turn take care of one another. That’s really magical.

We make decisions that prioritize our staff’s physical and mental health over profits. A corporate priority is reducing unnecessary stress in our staff’s lives, in the workplace, and beyond. In addition to an amazing benefits program, we also offer scholarships for our team and their families. We even have a specific “Live Your Best Life” scholarship for our team that encourages employees to seek out extra-curriculars that aren’t solely academic—it’ll cover dance lessons, cooking classes, wreath-making lessons…. anything you’ve always wanted to do!

We also have our internal “Got Your Back Fund” designed to help employees going through hard times, including covering unexpected childcare costs or reuniting overseas families. The coolest thing about this fund is that it’s totally grassroots—we don’t rely on managers to raise their hand when somebody needs help. Every single member of our work family looks out for each other and knows when to ask for help for their colleagues.

We’re truly thrilled to see our internal culture celebrated on a national scale. We love our team with our whole hearts and are so thankful that they’ve created an award-winning corporate culture! Please join us in celebrating our amazing people across all of our hotels, our restaurant and our “rebel base” (that’s what we call our corporate office ?) behind-the-scenes team!

Wanna join in the fun? We’d love to hear from you! Check out job opportunities at www.joinourfamjam.com!