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Who We Are

We are ridiculously fun & eclectic hip hotels in Victoria BC  and Kelowna that are so completely awesome your mind will be blown! Ok, slight exaggeration, but I swear it's like nothing you've ever seen before: vintage VW and retro Chevy shuttle buses, rotary dial phones,typewriter stations, comic books in the brightly colored rooms... we are Rebels Against the Ordinary.

Secretly, we are the people behind Accent Inns (our sister chain with 5 hotels in BC) and we had this crazy idea of starting a funky hotel that was actually affordable, right here in our hometown of Victoria and then soon expanded to Kelowna. Our boutique motels are super cool, kickass, edgy, but totally down-to-earth and not pretentious. Fun, playful and approachable, that's who we are.


Why did you name it ZED?

Zed is the Canadian/British equivalent of the American letter Zee in the alphabet. We're proud of our Zeds and our Eh?'s ... and as the last letter in the alphabet, it's always been a bit of a rebel.

Hotel ZED - Rebels Against the Ordinary.