Craving an out-of-the-ordinary winter getaway this December? Well, how about a holiday full of winter festivities in Canada’s surf capital? This holiday season, Hotel Zed Tofino beckons all humans, rebels, wanderers, and groove-seekers to find their way home to our swanky hotel for an unforgettable month of holiday fun.

This December, we are excited to bring you the Tofino Holiday Special, a festive event calendar designed for everyone, including rebels looking for other folx to spend this special time of the year with. So, picture this: you and your chosen family can feel at home with our merry activities and celebrate the last month of 2023 full of joy.

Come one, come all. Literally. If you don’t have somewhere or someone to spend the holidays with, don’t be shy about spending them with us! All of our events are open to all, and if you come solo you will leave with a brand new chosen family….we’re sure of it!

Hotel Zed Tofino Whimsical Winter Events

Our Hotel Zed Tofino Holiday Special, with its 10 fanciful events, is bound to put a twinkle in your eye. And there’s no better place than the unordinary Hotel Zed Tofino to experience the holiday magic! Here, you can indulge in a west coast Pancake Breakfast with Santa or watch holiday classics in the sunken living room wearing your ugliest sweater for warmth and whimsy. So, whether you want to stay a few days or the whole month, there’s sure to be an event that tickles your festive fancy.

Holiday Glow-Up

Kick off the festivities by decking the halls at our Tree Decorating Party on December 1. Here, you’ll join our little rebel Fam-Jam as we decorate the tree with baubles and sparkly things, rock to some festive tunes and make new memories together. And it’s a festive experience you won’t want to miss.

Warm up your singing chops to tune into the enchanting melodies of holiday caroling. On Sunday, December 17, we are pleased to host Sophie L’Homme and her Children’s Choir for a heartwarming Après Surf performance. Embrace the spirit of unity and sing your heart out in the style of Choir! Choir! Choir! But before you join the chorus, make sure to warm your vocal cords with a sip of tea or cocoa.

Sweet, Spice, Everything Nice –Party and feast with your chosen peeps

This activity is anything but crumby and challenges you to unleash your cookie creativity. At our Gingerbread People Party on December 23, it’s not just about cookies — it’s a chance to let your imagination run wild. Candy feather boa? Yaaas! Chocolate sprinkle pantsuit? Slay, gingerfriend! And don’t worry–there will be lots of taste testing, hot chocolate and general fun to go around!

Christmas morning at Hotel Zed Tofino brings a touch of sparkly magic. Because for folx waking up seaside on December 25, a delightful socking surprise awaits. Make sure you are there!

To cap off the magical day, folx can reserve a spot at the Chosen Family Table for a delectable three-course meal at our Holiday Feast on December 25. This easy-going $75 three-course pre-set menu is prepared by the hotel’s restaurant ROAR. Trust the elves, you won’t find a merrier table of rebels anywhere else!

Plus, visit our lobby all month long for FREE photo ops in our whimsical Holiday Special photo booth. If you’re lucky, you’ll even meet Santa there!

Are you as excited as we are? Find out more about our whimsical Tofino Holiday Special and book your rebel-inspired holiday experience today by clicking here!